Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mood pictures... how.. I don't know... geekish of me?

I feel like Motoko Kusanagi today. go figure Posted by Picasa

My first Blog ever.

Wow. My first blog. I feel so grown up. Oh, wait, I am. Nevermind. Must have been a senior moment or something like that.

Now what is one to do in a blog? Oh yes. Carp about the day. Work sucked. and then it sucked somemore. Then traffic sucked. then I got home and the apartment is a mess. Over all I'm just fussy. And not in the "I don't like olives." sense either. Cause I do like olives.
I just want Ice cream cake. And halloween candy. Which are both forbidden to me forever. *Dramatic sigh* Dratted pagan holidays tempting me with their sugary goodness. *fist shaked in frustration* I suppose my pancrease is happier this way.