Monday, January 09, 2006

Albania - land of the eagle

Ah Monday's! Not so manic, but nothings perfect. Not even the Bangles. Which actually really sucked now that I think about it. I mean their best songs are cheesy, except for the remake of 'Whiter shade of pale.' the old Simon and Garfunkle tune. That one kind of rocked.

But the whole purpose of posting today was to share the AWESOME experience I had today. To bad it's not my study. Anyway, there's a sister named Ruth from my hall who invited me to go on her study today. It's a study with a 16 year old girl named Nerteila, and her grandmother Katrina both from Albania. (hence the title - see there was relevance. Hey - It was in the 'Tower not long ago!) But anyway. Nerteila (NUR-teal-a) speaks ok (well, sorta ok) English and Katrina speaks none. Yup. Just enough for "Hi, how are you? Thank you." and the sort. It was a really good study. Really encouraging to see people actually appreciating what they are learning in the bible. Though Ruth was right - my head did hurt afterwards. So that was today... Who knows what other coolness tomorrow will bring.

Ps. Being an adult still sucks.