Sunday, January 08, 2006

Adulthood does... Something... I've forgotten, what was I just saying?

Adulthood is a disease. Do not be fooled, or worse yet guilted, into thinking otherwise. Adulthood is not an achievement, it is a disease. We fight it and ignore it and hope it goes away, but ultimately Adulthood is a disease for which there is no cure. It is as inevitable as death and almost as painful. Adulthood takes root in your brain and slowly spreads, eating away at your zest for life until, finally, it metastasizes and youĂ‚’re left to carry out your days as a zombie.

RUN sweet fools! RUN! I'm not kidding. Run like the wind, run like well, something really, really fast. Superspeed times three. Adulthood is such a rip off. Eventually all we do is 1.) Work 2.) Watch TV 3.) sleep 4.) Rinse 5.) Repeat. Sounds fun, no? Eventuallyy all I'll ever do is worry about a mortgage payment and whether or not I need to pick up aloafe of bread from the store on the way home from work.

This was supposed to be something better. I was supposed to make my own decisions, stay up as late as I wanted and eat all the candy I want. What do I get? Snot nosed kids that think I'm 30, I haven't been to a show in forever, and I buy candy and Tim eats it. Grrrr... As for the decision thing! HA! All I do is try and make the decision that will cause the least amount of irritation in the long run. What is that? What happened to my ideals? Myphilosophyy? My unique Dawness? Gah! Phewy. It's been an irritating few weeks, and I've dishes to do. Adulthood's calling, and unfortunately, I need to answer.

But before I do - the few bright spots in my day:
1.) I'm going to Poland! yes POLAND! commencee joking) I'm hoping it'll be fun, as we've been accepted to the special convention in Poznan.
2.) I've fallen in love with eggradio. com It's my new favorite station to listen to whenI'mm online. Good mix: I went from Violent Femmes to Frank Sinatra to The Eels to the Weakerthans to Kermit singing the Rainbow Connection to Fiona Apple and a few Bands I've never heard of before. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm good.