Monday, January 23, 2006

Dude... The tire totally flew off my car. Seriously.

ok... that's not my rotor. but it was too dark to take a picture of what my car looked like after the lug nuts fell off my front left tire and the entire thing (tire, rim... you name it) went sailing 200 feet or more into a farmers field, and sent my car screeching on three tires and a rotor for 50 feet or more. I really don't know how we didn't end up in the field, hitting another car, or flipping the car. I really don't know. And all we had to do to fix it is take lug nuts off the other tires, put the tire back on and Wha la' or however you spell that. Go Dad Kurt and Mark for coming to our rescue in the cold Northern part of wisconsin. Wolves could have eaten us. literally. WOLVES!