Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hmmm.. this was a fun night.

I just wanted to steal these from Lauren. I sure had fun
playing Cribbage. Even though it looks like we're playing Twister.

Now where Am I going to put that hand anyway?
Hmm.. Should I mention that Andrew looks mighty intrested in Alex's, erm... Maybe I shouldn't. Andrew IS taller than me now. Although I'm pretty sure that I can take him. Bring it on! And your little dog too!

Yup. Wizard of Oz references. I've got to get off this kick. It's bad. Not to mention that those monkey's are way scary. WAY scary.

And I don't think I want to think about where my head is in this picture. Nope. Really don't want to think about it. Not at all.

So I think that I'm going to stop blathering on now... especially since I don't think anyone is reading this anymore anyway. But it's still fun to mess with.


iwantlibbysrightkneecap said...

dawn your blog is soooo soooo so HUGE and FANCY! i'm impressed, nice shots!!! i'm glad you stole them from me that makes me feel special!

Put something witty here said...

It is not huge... Have you looked at your own lately?

iwantlibbysrightkneecap said...

yes but i'm a loser that doesn't sleep anymore... oh did you hear i gave that up, i think i'm going to be nocternal now. it sounds cool!

abz said...

yeah not workin so well for ya since ur sick!! moron. haha twister!! good timez!! i soooo wanna play again.