Sunday, March 12, 2006

Changing of the guard

Well, it's been a very long time since I've updated! And so many uncool things have happened. But then some cool things happened and it's mostly all good.

So, we bid goodbye to Grania - The Irish Pirate Queen. (Aka Old Bessie)

That was a fun little car. And so many cool things happened in that car. Trips to well, everywhere... Elements of style, tires falling off, the trunk never really closing right... the deer running into me... Almost hitting Gypsy... Ah the stories. The good timez. Well, in case you all didn't know, Tim and I killed 'lil Grania and I got to go to the hospital in an ambulance! Yeah the fun. Some how we rear ended the car in front of us with the rear passanger side of the car. Right above the rear tire. Grizzly man. Grizzly.

But now we got a new Car: Enter "No Name." She needs a name kids!

And to make it even more fun, I bought her while Tim was doing relief work down in New Orleans. Talk about stress!

But it all worked out. Tim is back from New Orleans, Gallun's are back from California, and Jeff is all Married. I actually think I might miss Jordan. But Gus is happy to be back home. The next major thing: Poland followed by GenCon! Somehow it'll work. I hope!


iwantlibbysrightkneecap said...

yay new car!! oh no now i am never going to be able to see a car and say hey dawns here yay!!!! poo... i'll get used to it!