Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My New favorite thing!

You know... When I think of Pandora, it's usually some incredibly dumb (and I do picture her as blonde) greek chica who really screwed things up. Atleast according to the Greeks. Gotta love the greeks. Especially the food. Mmmm gyros... But back to Pandora. Stupid girl, always hated her. Even though it was really Epimetheus' fault that she opened the box. Stupid Epimetheus. But back to Pandora. Finally found something that made me like the name.

Pandora.com my new favorite thing. Even better than rain drops on roses, girls in white dresses and sleeping with roaches. (Gawsh, I love that CD Lauren!) It takes a favorite band or song and using the "Music Genome Project" creates a radio station scientificly suited to my ears. So far I love it. I have one station set to The Weakerthans, Tigan and Sara, Ani Difranco, Mae, and Simple Plan (hey... I like them, shut up.) And I love it. It has introduced me to new bands that I probably would never have ever heard of and, well... It's just cool. Even cooler than Thin Mint Edy's Ice cream. And much much cooler than the swollen tonsils and sore throat that I'm suffering from at the moment. I hate tonsils. Really. The swelling... the pain... the sucking... gah.

"The Car" is still way cool! It not only has a moonroof, but it has a 10 (yes 10!) cd changer and way cool speakers in it. The only badness? Cd changer's in the trunk and the cd player in the car doesn't play mp3s. But besides that the after market stereo and speakers are awesome!

Well, by non scripted rambling has ended... I'd leave you with the picture of the day but the uploading hates me. Or my tonsils... one of the two.